The following terms and conditions apply exclusively to the aforementioned Competition. By participatingin the Competition, all participants are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms andconditions herein below provided:

  1. The Competition is organized by Nestlé Nigeria Plc and it is managed and executed by Ideas HouseLimited (hereinafter jointly referred to as “the Organizers”).
  2. Auditions took place from the 11th January until end of February.
  3. By participating in the Competition, all participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which are subject to the exclusive interpretation of the Organizers, whose decision regarding any dispute shall be final and binding. The Organizers reserve the right to amend, modifyor change these terms and conditions at any time during the Competition with or without notice tothe participants.
  4. Any alteration to the terms and conditions and or any development relating to the Competition shallbe deemed to have been sufficiently communicated to the participant by the Organizers bypublishing such notice on this platform.
  5. Participation is open to residents and citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria except foremployees of the Organizers and immediate members of their families.
  6. Each participant who is selected as a winner shall have a valid Federal Government recognized identity card and an active bank account. In case a participant lacks such an identity card, his/her family member may collect the prize won provided such family member can produce a duly executed Letter of Authority signed by the contestant together with a valid Federal Governmentissued identity card.
  7. Only individuals who are 18 years and above but not more than 30 years are eligible to participate in the Competition.
  8. Prizes won shall not be transferable in any manner whatsoever.
  9. To participate in the Competition, participants will be required to do the following:

Audition & Selection

  1. Contestants for the Competition would be drawn from the MAGGI Online and Pop-up Kitchenplatforms (the “Audition”) in five (5) selected locations
  2. Selected locations are Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Jos, Abuja and our Online platformTop two (2) winners from the auditions at each location would be selected to represent that State in the Muna Kwarya Cooking Show in Abuja.
  3. Total of 12 people would be participating in the cooking show

MAGGI® Muna Kwarya Cooking Show

  1. Top two (2) winners from each of the five (5) States and our Online platform would be selectedto participate in a reality styled Television Show, the MAGGI® Muna Kwarya Cooking Show (“the “Program”).
  2. The expression Program shall include without limitation the series of programs titled “MAGGI®Muna Kwarya Cooking Show”, any spin off program or product based on the Program and/or itsunderlying format and any audition, competition, recording, interview, events, promotion,publicity or activity relating thereto.
  3. Contestants would be housed together between 5 - 7 days and would be given tasks to cooks different meals as well as participate in other house tasks and challenges/activities. Contestants must make themselves available throughout the duration of the Competition including the firstday to the grand finale.
  4. Contestants would be assessed on their tasks by Chefs, Influencers and Celebrity Guest(“Judges”). Based on the result of the assessments, elimination of contestants would be done ona daily basis by the Judges.
  5. The top three (3) contestants surviving elimination by the 6th day would win the grand prizes, viz:

i. 1st prize – N1,000,000.00

    1. 2nd prize – N500,000.00
    2. 3rd prize – N250,000.00

The remaining nine (9) Contestants on the would receive N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira) each as consolation prizes for participating in the MAGGI® Muna Kwarya Cooking Show.

  1. Airing on Muna Kwarya TV (March 2021) - The MAGGI® Muna Kwarya Cooking Show (the“Program”) would be aired on Muna Kwarya TV in recorded episodes including auditions,eliminations and the grand finale.
  2. The prizes to be won are limited solely to those herein stated. The Organizers shall not offer any other prize and no compensation and or gift shall be given to any participant in any manner and for any reason whatsoever.
  3. All decisions on tasks at each stage are at the sole discretion of the Organizers/Judges and are final. No liability will be accepted by the Organizers for any lost, damaged, misdirected, incorrect orlate participations, or for any technical/operational difficulties that may affect the final result of theCompetition.
  4. Organizers reserve the right to substitute the prizes at any time during the Competition at their sole discretion. The Organizers also reserve the sole right to change, substitute, withdraw, revoke orotherwise limit the scope of the Competition or the prizes and or any matter appurtenant to the Competition at any time during the Competition. This right may become exercisable if, for technicalor legal reasons, the proper organization and/or execution of the Competition can no longer be guaranteed. In the event of cancellation of the Competition, the prizes lapse without entitlement.
  5. The prizes to be won are not transferable to another individual and no other alternative(s) will beoffered, unless otherwise explicitly stated by the Organizers in writing. The Organizers do notguarantee the appropriateness or suitability or fitness of any prize, in particular not in relation to a participant’s personal sensitivities including but not limited to medical, religious or age
  1. The winners shall bear all and any costs, taxes, duties, contributions and similar expenses that mayarise in connection with the prize(s) won.
  2. While using this platform, participants will be prompted to provide Organizers with certain personalinformation/data that will be used to contact or identify participants or for publication. Such information may include, but is not limited to participant’s name, e-mailing address, residential address, social media handles, telephone number etc. ("Personal Information"). By providing suchPersonal Information, each Participant hereby consent to the processing their Personal Data by theOrganizers.
  3. Contestants understand and acknowledge that:

The Competition is a reality style television program and each give consent to the Organizers’ filming and recording them on a continuous basis for the duration of the Competitionbeginning from auditions to the grand finale

The Organizers may edit the contribution of contestants at their sole discretion

The Organizers are under no obligation whatsoever to include any specific contestant in theProgram;

He/She would strictly comply at all times with all the rules of the Competitions/Program notified to him/her, and which may be varied from time to time by the Organizers at their solediscretion and without any liability to the contestants; and

The Organizers’ expense in making arrangements for the filming and recording of theProgram and the opportunity provided to each contestant to potentially appear in or inassociation with the Competition/Program (“Benefits”) constitute sufficient and adequate consideration for the use and exploitation of the contributions made and theCompetition/Program (including without limitation the appearance of the contestants in episode(s) of the Program) by any mean and media, anywhere in the universe andcontestants hereby waive any right and/or entitlement to any equitable relief, remuneration or other payment whatsoever arising in connection with such exploitation . Contestants further acknowledge and agree that the Benefits herein stated include full and final consideration for their attendance at any and all activities as required by the Organizers in connection with theCompetition/Program and that their contributions to the Competition/Program are not professional performance and do not entitle them to wages, salary or other compensation.

  1. By participating in the Competition, each prize winner agrees to the use of his name, photograph, video footage, disclosure of the state of residence and other relevant bio-data. Each participant hereby gives his consent to the Organizers jointly and severally to use any photographs or video footage of the participants in any lawful medium and any in perpetuity and without anyprice/compensation to the participant.
  2. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winner(s) where applicable. If the winner(s) cannotbe contacted, are unable to claim the Prizes for any reason or are unable to comply with these termsand conditions, the Organizers reserve the right to offer the prize to the next eligible contestant.
  3. Contestants hereby agree to keep the following information strictly confidential:
    1. The events that occur in the Program and/or the outcome of the Program or any part of it; and
    2. Any other information that may affect the experience or eliminate the surprise, tension, or outcome of the Competition/Program for the viewing public

until and unless the information is in the public domain, as a result of authorized release or broadcast and mot as a result of a breach of confidentiality. If any contestant is unsure whether anyconfidential information is still confidential, he/she is under an obligation to keep that confidential information confidential until he/she has confirmed the position with the Organizers.

The decision of the Organizers in relation to any aspect of the Competition is final and no further correspondence will be entered with any contestant.


  1. In the event of a discrepancy between these terms and conditions and the details in the promotional material (or any other terms and conditions provided/referred to at the time of entry), these terms and conditions shall prevail.
  2. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws ofNigeria.
  3. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable, the other provisions of these Terms and conditions and the remainder of the affected provisions shall continue to be valid.
  4. TAKE NOTICE that the Organizers do not require any contestant to send, give and or offer cash,airtime or any consideration in any manner to any person whatsoever to participate and or qualify forany prize before, during and or after the Competition.
  5. The Organizers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by any person in relation to this Competition in any manner whatsoever.